Using the Knife tool in Silhouette Studio to Design an Arrow

Do you love arrows? Arrows are everywhere at the moment, and I think they make a great addition to a design. They are not necessarily there to give you directions either, the use for an arrow to compliment your designs is almost endless. So, why not give designing your own a go?

In this article i’ve put together a tutorial on how to design an arrow in Silhouette Studio using the Knife tool (with a little help from the offset tool too).

Here is the completed arrow that I’m going to show you how to make today.

Draw an arrow in Sil Studio - Pieces Welded together to form 1 shape

Silhouette Studio Tutorials

Now first we need to make a few shapes, using the rectangle tool; Draw a rectangle, depending on how thin or chunky you want your arrow to be. You can use something similar to my example below if you want to.

Silhouette Tutorials

Next, draw a triangle using the Polygon tool. When you’ve drawn your triangle rotate it so it’s at a 90 degree angle (as shown in the above image). Duplicate the triangle, using either the Replicate tool or you can click Alt then drag the triangle with your mouse (On a Mac I believe you click Option then drag).

Knife tool in silhouette studioClick here for my tutorial on how to draw a triangle using the Polygon Tool.


Silhouette cameo help

The duplicated triangle is going to be used to make the ‘tail’ of the arrow.

First, click on the offset tool. (You can right click on the triangle and select Offset)

Click internal offset in the offset dialogue box, I’ve created an offset of 0.050, i’ve tried to match it as close to the thickness of the rectangle created in step 1.

Your offset may be more or less depending on the thickness, you may need to play around with it to get it just right for you. Click apply.

Silhouette cameo tutorial

Now that the offset has been created, we want to create an outline rather than a fill colour. Select both the triangles, as shown below, right click and select Make Compound Path.

Silhouette cameo tutorials

Now you will have something that looks like the triangle on the far left of the below image.

Using the knife tool cut through the edges on the vertical part of the triangle. As shown below. You will end up with a similar shape to the one on the far right, once you have discarded the Vertical cut piece.

Draw an arrow in Sil Studio - Knife tool transformation

Duplicate the new shape, the same way you duplicated the triangle in Step 1. I’ve duplicated mine three times as I want three to be on my arrows tail. You can choose how many you want on your arrows tail, it’s entirely your choice.

Silhouette Studio hints and tips

Now using the shapes you have created in the previous steps, arrange them in to an arrow shape, similar to the image below.

Once you have arranged them and you’re happy with it, select all the pieces, right click once, and choose weld.

Silhouette studio guide

Here’s the arrow welded together.

Arrow in silhouette studio

Thank you for reading, I really hope this post has inspired you to design an arrow in Silhouette Studio. Feel free to share your creations with me on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram, I’d love to see :-)

Happy Crafting