How To Choose The Best Cricut Machine

During the forced time at home for many people during 2020, it is possible that you decided to start some new hobbies or to reinvent old ones. Crafts of various types have been experiencing a comeback of popularity. At the same time, there have been new technological advances that have made it possible to do crafting without struggles with mobility or vision. One of the advances in equipment that has proven to be useful is the Cricut Machine. Read on to learn more about what is the best Cricut Machine and how it can help you in various types of crafting applications.


For those of you who are eager to get to the bottom line – here are the Best Cricut machines of 2021

1. Cricut Maker: This is The most feature-packed, versatile Cricut model,  powerful enough to cut wood. It’s been on our shortlist for years and we still consider it the best option for serious crafters.
Cricut Maker Machine

2. Cricut Joy: This is a simple, quite basic Cricut machine it is affordable and perfect for scrapbooking, card-making, and embossing projects. highly popular with crafters on a budget.

Cricut Joy Machine




3. Cricut Explore Air 2: One of the speediest Cricut models on the market and strong enough to handle most materials. It’s a new addition to our list, but nearly as versatile as our top pick.

Cricut Explore air 2

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For a more detailed look at these products, keep reading.


What is a Cricut Machine?

A Cricut machine is an electronic cutting device. It can be set up to cut all sorts of designs from a variety of materials. These include vinyl, iron-on transfers, paper, and card stock. wood and leather are available for some machines. Because precision cutting can be quite challenging for those people who enjoy crafts such as applique, scrapbooks, stickers, and custom t-shirts. The electronic machine makes these crafts fun to do again.

If you can envision it, you can use the features of the various models to accomplish your cutting tasks. The cutting device can be used to cut almost anything which would typically be cut with an X-Acto knife or with scissors. However, the device is able to cut with more speed and more precision than would be possible with other manual cutting methods.


How Does A Cricut Machine Operate?

The cutting equipment is also known as a die-cutting machine, or as a craft plotter although the types of materials that are cut with the unit vary significantly. The device has a tiny blade, pen, rotary cutter, or scoring tool which cuts the design from the material placed on the cutting block. The Cricut machine can be connected to a computer. One can then create or download a design onto the computer and then transmit the design to the electronic equipment wirelessly.


Which is the Best Cricut Machine to Buy?

As with many items in the marketplace today, deciding which Cricut machine is the best to buy will depend on whether you are a beginner, serious hobbyist, or use it in a commercial business. You will also need to think about the volume of usage for the machine. The size and weight of the device are also something to keep in mind when shopping for the best model. Deciding what is the best Cricut maker may also reflect budgetary concerns, and which accessories are readily available.


What Are Some Of the Best Models

In today’s marketplace, there are three main types of machines: These are the

  • Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Joy.


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The mid-range machine is the Explore Air 2. If you are looking for the next step higher, with the ability to cut a more extensive variety of materials, the Maker is your best option. The newest machine in the lineup is the Joy. It is a smaller model which is portable. It is easy to set up and to move, if necessary. The portable unit is considered to be the best Cricut machine for beginners, because of its smaller size and convenient weight.


The Explore Air 2 is the best-selling model and both experienced users and beginners will enjoy the many features which this model provides. It has the power to cut more than 100 different materials, which include some leather, card stock, vinyl, paper, and fabric that has been backed with a stabilizer. The cutting mats are either 12 by 12-inch or 12-inches by 24-inches.


The Maker is the most powerful of the cutting machines which the brand offers. As such, it is also the product that carries the highest price tag. The Maker is not only robust, but it is also versatile, with the ability to cut more than 300 types of materials, which include plastic, acrylic, fabric, felt, leather and wood. Two mat sizes are available. The Maker is compatible with a growing number of tools and blades, including a rotary cutter, debossing tool, foiling tip, engraving tip, and knife blade.


What is the Best Price on a Cricut Maker?

The best price on a Circuit Maker in the marketplace today is in the 300 to 400 dollar range. The latest Maker 3 came out in June of 2021, which meant that there may be some bargains available on the earlier models. Because this is the top end of the model line at present, those who want all the bells and whistles may want to invest in the Maker. There are even a few used or reconditioned machines listed on major websites.

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Accessories Which Enhance the Enjoyment of the Tool


The accessories which you choose will depend on the type of crafts you do while using the device. The accessories are available individually, o4r you may prefer to check the accessory bundles. Accessories are further broken down by Beginner’s Bundle and others. Some of the accessory-type items which are included in the bundle include transfer paper, vinyl, pens. Weeder tool and a Beginner Guide.


User’s Community is Active And Supportive


The forum for users boasts an involved and happy community of owners. These users have taken the time to let others know that they are happy with the purchase options that they made. The website for the company is full of positive reviews. The praise of versatility and dependability appear in many of the testimonials. Whether you are just starting on various crafting projects, the speed and options available make this band a popular one. Many users post ideas for projects and innovative ways to use the device. Looking at images and comments about user projects may get the creative juices flowing.


The Buyer’s Guide Recommendations to Look For


Whichever model of cutting tool you choose, there are several elements to keep in mind. Size and weight will make a difference if the unit doesn’t sit out all the time. Price is another factor that may slow your ability to enjoy the use of the equipment. If you want to be cutting many types of materials, the workhorse machine will fit your needs better.