Design a US Flag Heart using the Slice Tool in Cricut Design Space + Free Patriotic US Flag Heart SVG & DXF

It’s that time of the week again where I have a freebie cutting file for you, this week I have a Free US Flag Heart Design, in both SVG and DXF formats, along with a tutorial on how to Design your own in Cricut Design Space using the Slice Tool, plus a bonus free US flag design. You can download the free file at the end of this article.

Open Design Space as you normally would, Log in and select ‘Create new Project.

Cricut explore tutorialsClick here for my tutorial on how to open SVG files in Silhouette Studio


How to use the slice tool in Cricut Design Space

Download and open the US flag design in Cricut Design Space (link is at the end of this article) then from the ‘Insert Shapes’ section select the heart shape. Adjust the heart shape so it is a little bit smaller than the flag. (I am using my own heart template for this tutorial, but it will work just as well with the Heart shape from Design Space)


Cricut Design Space Tutorials

Select the flag, right click and choose Ungroup. Delete the white background as shown:

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All the stripes to this flag design are on their own layer, Cricut Design Space will only allow you to slice 2 layers at a time, so to slice more efficiently, in order to make the stripes all one layer create a vertical rectangle from the  ‘Insert Shapes’ column (the square option).

Position the rectangle against the stripes as shown and click weld. As you can see from the below image, the stripes have been joined to the rectangle and are showing as one layer.

Weld tool in Cricut Design Space Cricut design space hints and tips

cRICUT EXPLORE AIR TUTORIALSPosition the Heart to the front of the flag, if the heart is behind the flag, right click on the heart and select ‘Move to Front’.

Arrange the heart similar to how I have here, ensuring that the heart is smaller than the whole of the flag. Duplicate the heart and hide one of the hearts by clicking the eye next to the heart on the layers panel. The duplicated heart is going to be used as the white background for the completed design.

Cricut Design Space weld tool Cricut Explore tutorials

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As mentioned previously, Cricut Design Space will only allow 2 layers to be sliced at one time. So the slicing will be done in two parts, first the stripes then the stars.

To slice the stripes; select the heart that’s unhidden, and the red stripes (To select more than one shape at a time click ctrl on your keyboard as you select the shape). The image below shows the layers panel and how it should look when the shapes have been selected.

Once have the shapes selected, right click and selected Slice, you can also use the slice option on the layers panel.

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Your layers panel will look a little like the image on the left. Don’t panic, it’s just all the excess pieces that have also been sliced which we don’t need. The shape we need is the red coloured sliced heart, under ‘Sliced Image D’.

Next, select the blue stars and the heart where you can still see that the left part of the heart is still intact. ‘Sliced Image B’, following the same process as above, slice these two shapes.

Delete any excess parts, all that should be left is the blue stars and the red stripes which form the heart. ‘Sliced Image D’ & ‘Sliced Image D’ The image on the right shows you which shapes should remain.

Slice tool in cricut design spacehow to use the slice tool cricut exploreFree svg cutting file

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All that’s left to do now is to unhide the heart hidden previously by clicking on the ‘eye’ again. Position the heart behind the sliced shapes. If the heart is in front of the sliced shapes,  Right click and select move backward, you may need to do that twice as you are moving the heart through each layer at a time.

Ta Da!! Here is the completed design! Scroll down for the link to this weeks Freebie.

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This weeks Free SVG/DXF file is the below heart design, I design all my files in Adobe Illustrator where I then convert too SVG and DXF files. In my tutorials I like to show you how you can create similar Designs within the Cricut Design Space Software. You will also receive the US Flag design shown in this tutorial to allow you to have a go at designing your own. Files are for personal use only.

If you want to purchase the commercial use license for this file and all our other freebies visit our Etsy store

Free svg cutting file

Cricut explore free svg file


Thank you so much for reading, I really hope this post has inspired you to experiment with the Slice Tool in Cricut Design Space. Feel free to share your creations with me on Pinterest,Facebook or Instagram, I’d love to see ?

Happy Crafting