Curved Text in Cricut Design Space is here!

How to Curve Text in Cricut Design Space

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Cricut design space tutorial

where is the curve tool in cricut design space

So, last week Cricut announced the new Hotly anticipated ‘Curved Text Tool’, and it’s been welcomed with open arms ever since. I’ve had a little play around with it, and I must say it’s pretty impressive, and really easy to use (once you know how of course.) That’s why I have put together this quick tutorial on how to use the new Curve Text tool in Cricut Design Space.

Please note: At the time of publishing (11th April 2018) the Curve Text tool is only available on Desktop and Laptop and is not yet available on Mobile.

Open Cricut Design Space as usual and select new project. Click on the Text Tool, choose your text and select the font you would like to use (click on the ‘Font’ option on the header bar in Design Space.)

For the purpose of this tutorial I am using the font Cedar by Denise Chandler.
How to edit text in Cricut Design Space

With your text selected, the bounding box will appear around the text when it is, click on the curve tool shown below.

Cricut Design Space curve tool

Pull the grey dot as shown and this will adjust the ‘Curve’ of the text, have a play around with this until you get your desired curve. I’ve pulled mine to the right as I want the word ‘Choose’ to curve around the top of my emoticon.

how to make a word curcve in Cricut Design space

Now I’m going to repeat the same step with the word Happy, but this time I will pull the grey dot to the left, this will curve the words in the opposite direction.

Cricut curve tool

You an also get a little bit experimental, and create text on an invisible curvy line as shown below:

All I’ve done here is move the word ‘Happy’ next to the word ‘Choose’ i’ve then duplicated ‘Choose Happy’ and placed the duplicated words next to each other.

In order to do words on an invisible line you will typically need to type one word at a type.

how to curve text in design space 3

If you want the text to go all the way around in a circle like below, type your text all on one line and using the Curve Tool, pull the grey dot all the way to either the left or the right.





I believe this is definitely a real game changer when it comes to designing in Cricut Design Space. I hope you’ve found this quick tutorial useful, and has helped you get a feel for the new Curved Text Tool.

Thank you so much for reading, I would love to see your creations using the new Curve Tool, share with me on Pinterest,Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively, you can email me here. I can’t wait to see.

Happy Crafting

Vicky xx

Have you used the new tool? What do you think of it?