Create a Split Design in Cricut Design Space + Free SVG & DXF File

A few months ago I wrote a tutorial on how to create a split letter in Cricut Design Space, in this tutorial I’ve gone one step further, I am showing you how to create a split of a shape with a pattern. Keeping in with my Autumn/Fall theme of the week, the example I am going to use is my pumpkin design from my SVG file shop. Although, this concept will work on any patterned design.

There’s also a freebie for you at the end of this post.

Here’s a little Sneak Peek at the freebie:

Free pumpkin svg file

1: First off, open Cricut Design Space and Start a new project.

Open the design you are wanting to split.

Unsure how to open SVG files in Cricut Design Space?Click here for my tutorial on how to open SVG files in Cricut Design Space.

If there are extra layers (for instance the ‘stalk’ of my pumpkin) right click and select ungroup. You can also see from my example below that there are also some polka dots that are separate from the rest of the design.

Select all the layers, apart from the stem. Select weld. This will join all the layers together to form one shape.

Split design in Cricut Design spaceThanksgiving free svg cutting files

2: Next, Draw a rectangle using the ‘Square’ from the ‘Insert Shapes’ option. Position the rectangle over the pumpkin.

Cricut design Space tutorial

Select the Pumpkin and the rectangle and click on ‘Slice’

Delete the middle parts of the shape that have been cut out.

Slice tool in cricut Design Space

Now, draw one triangle and line it up against the upper part of the middle of the pumpkin as shown, duplicate the rectangle and line it up against the lower part of the middle of the pumpkin.

Make it quite thin so you have enough room for text.

Select the pumpkin and the rectangles and press weld.

Cricut explore tutorials

4: You may have noticed that the stem had disappeared behind the pumpkin, if you select the pumpkin, right click and select ‘Move Backward’ the stem will re-appear.

Now your design is ready to personalise with a phrase, or someones name.

7, Split shape completed

The font used in the above design is one of my own called In The Clouds and is currently only $1 in my The Hungry JPEG store.

Keep Scrolling for the Freebie link

This weeks Free SVG/DXF files are the Split pumpkin Design as shown at the beginning of this post. I design all my files in Adobe Illustrator where I then convert too SVG and DXF files. In my tutorials, I like to show you how you can create similar Designs within the Cricut Design Space software. Files are for personal use only.

Free svg cutting file

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope this post has inspired you to experiment with designing in your Cricut Design Space Software. If you want to stay up to date with my tutorials and freebies then please feel free to follow me on: Pinterest,Facebook or Instagram.

If you’re thinking of buying one of the Cricut machines I’d advise on reading this guide on how to choose a cricut machine

Happy Crafting

Vicky xx