Create a Polka Dot Monogram Frame using the Replicate Tool in Silhouette Studio + Free SVG + DXF Files

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When I first started using my Silhouette and the Silhouette Studio software, I could have sworn I’d created a polka dot circle frame and for the past few weeks I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how i’d done it. I then had a brain wave and thought about how I would create one in my vector software (where I design my SVG files). Then it came to me, the Replicate Tool.

So this weeks tutorial I am going to show you how to design a Polka Dot Circle Monogram Frame using the Replicate tool in Silhouette Studio. Oh…and lets not forget the freebie, the download link is at the end of this post.

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Open your Silhouette Studio as usual.

1; First, Draw 1 Large circle and a small circle, the small circle will be the size you want your Polka Dots in your polka dot frame. Place the small circle over the larger circle as shown.

Silhouette Studio Tutorial

Select both circles and navigate to Object – Replicate – Replicate options.

Silhouette cameo tutorial

In the Replicate window click on the ‘Advanced options’ Tab.

free circle monogram svg

Here you will need to manually put in how many circles you want and the degree of rotation. Bear in mind that the number of circles will differ depending on the size of your small circle.

I tend to work in 45° increments, if i’m not happy with the design at 45° I will halve that and take it down to 22.5° and so on….i’ve never had to go below 11.25°.

For this design I want 16 circles, (I have played around with this number, it’s not the first number I thought of, so don’t worry if you have to play around with the numbers a few times to get it to fill the circle) with a 22.5° angle.

Click replicate once you have keyed in your dimensions.

polka dot monogram svg

Now….don’t worry about the mass of large circles around your newly created circle frame. That’s normal, delete all the large circles. You may want to zoom in and delete them so you don’t accidentally delete any smaller circles.

So now you are left with the circle frame, there is one last thing to do, if you look closely at the newly created Polka Dot Monogram Frame, you can see that the top circle (the one you started out with) is slightly darker than the others, that’s because it’s a circle on top of another circle. Select it and press delete.


Silhouette cameo inspiration Polka dot monogram svg free

The finished Polka Dot Frame is on the Left, I’ve also created an example of what the frame would look like with the same circle but using only a 45° angle and 8 circles.

free svg file free monogram svg files

Here’s an example, where I have made a smaller circle and used a 11.25° angle and 32 circles.

Free polka dot monogram frame

You can also create a ‘Scalloped Circle’ Design. Using the same method, but using twice the circles (eg; before we used a 22.5° angle and 16 circles,) double the amount of circles but keep the angle the same. Click Replicate, delete the larger circles, select all and click ‘Weld’.

Select the newly formed shape, right click and select ‘Release Compound Path’.


Silhouette cameo inspiration Silhouette studio tutorial

Delete the middle part of the object.

Tutorials for silhouette studio

Here’s the completed scalloped circle.

Create a Polka Dot Monogram Frame using the the Replicate Tool in Silhouette Studio

Keep scrolling for the freebie link…..

This weeks Free SVG/DXF files is the below Polka Dot Circle Monogram Frames (minus the Watermark). I design all my files in Adobe Illustrator where I then convert too SVG and DXF files. In my tutorials I like to show you how you can create similar Designs within the Silhouette Studio software. Files are for personal use only.

Free polka dot monogram svg files

The Monogram Font is not included, it is available to purchase from my Digital Cutting file Store. <<—–Link takes you to my ‘The Hungry JPEG’ Store

Free SVG cutting files

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope this post has inspired you to experiment with designing in your Silhouette Studio Software. If you want to stay up to date with my tutorials and freebies then please feel free to follow me on: Pinterest,Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Crafting

Vicky xx