8 Best Vinyl Cutters: Reviews 2022

8 Best Vinyl Cutters: Reviews 2022

It is a pleasure to have the best vinyl cutting machine that enables you to cut various designs and patterns on different vinyl items like T-shirts, stickers, banners, and more. Some machines are capable of cutting more materials than vinyl. While some machines are big and cannot be moved from here and there, some are portable enough to be carried anywhere. 

Besides, the features also vary from one machine to another. So, picking the right vinyl cutter can be challenging for beginners. However, to make the process easier for you, we have mentioned the top 8 vinyl cutters that you can buy online. Keep reading to explore more about these products. Our detailed review of vinyl cutters will clear all your doubts

Why Do We Need To Cut Vinyl?

There is no doubt that vinyl cutting can provide a cost-effective avenue for creating their designs or signages. Besides, there are different advantages that you can enjoy by using the best vinyl cutter. Before exploring the list of top 8 vinyl cutters, let’s look at some advantages.

  • Enhances The Look Of Vinyl Cut Graphics 

You can create eye-catching and impressive images with different color options in vinyl cutters. You can easily create any logo, lettering, and advertisement based on your requirements.

  • Helps Make Easy And Quick Vinyl Cuts

It is easier to create stunning graphics using the best vinyl machines; besides, the task takes a few minutes to complete. While the print can take 2-3 days for drying, cut vinyl can be used immediately.

  • Software To Make The Designing Easier

Every vinyl cutting machine comes with different sign-making programs. You need to attach the machine to your PC and install the software to begin vinyl cutting. Besides, you can also run the designs from the CorelDraw to the vinyl plotter. 

  • Vinyl Cuts Last Longer

The longevity of the cut vinyl patterns and graphics can help you save money. They are long-lasting and weather-resistant. As per various studies, the pigment can last around 5 to 7 years.

  • They Are Versatile

Cut vinyl is easy and flexible to shape and offers great functionality. You can create vinyl cuts for different purposes and situations using the right machine. Not just your vehicles, banners, window graphics, but different types of signs can be designed with the help of these.

However, to enjoy the desired results and maximum benefits, you need to use the best vinyl cutting machine. Look at the below-mentioned products and choose any of them for your vinyl cutting projects. 

8 Best Vinyl Cutters: Reviews

#1 Cricut Maker Vinyl Cutter

When buying the best vinyl cutter for your project, you can’t forget the Cricut Maker Vinyl Cutter. The product is new, but it has received many positive reviews from the users, and all the users have been quite satisfied with this. 

The Cricut Maker is one of the best and ultimate cutting machines for people looking to make high-quality decals, sewing patterns, and stickers in their print shop. As per some users, the machine can do everything that the Air Explore model does. If you are looking for something to craft living, designing stickers, shirts, crafts, and signs, this machine is undoubtedly a design paradise. Let’s talk more about this machine.

Cricut Maker Vinyl Cutter: Features

The first thing you should know about this machine is its powerful rotary cutter that smoothly cuts the vinyl. It can work smoothly on fabric and other materials as well. However, you must remember that it is difficult to get deeper cuts with this machine. But you can trust this little machine for a great piece of work. At this price range, this is an ideal option for you. 

As the machine is new, it has new and advanced software to make your cutting task a lot easier. Earlier, the manufacturer used to go for Flash format, but now all the modern machines come with a cloud-based Design Space software program. With this, you will enjoy a better user experience and comfort usability. But remember that to use this, you will need a high-speed internet connection. Otherwise, the system may not work properly.

The users will also get an offline option with this. All your designs and works will be stored and remain safe in the cloud storage.

Different from the Explore Air 2, the Maker has a patented Smart Dial. It helps in choosing the best settings based on your requirements. But it has been seen that some users have found this feature not useful due to the rapid advancement in the technology of the vinyl machine. 

Now, talking about the last important point, the machine has a two-tool capacity. You were wondering about how this feature works? Due to this unique feature, you can easily switch between different tools without stopping the machine. As a result, workplace efficiency will be increased, and you can do multiple cuts with a maximum success rate. If required, you can even use a scoring tool or a pen. 

Pros To Consider

  • As per the information mentioned on the official site, this machine can easily handle more than 300 materials, and it also supports unlimited fonts. That means now you can successfully meet your customers’ unique requirements. 
  • If you research properly, you will find that this machine has a reasonable price compared to other machines with the same features.
  • Its powerful and efficient rotary blade can easily cut around 24 millimeters thick materials.
  • Thanks to the cloud-based design software, boosts the effectiveness of this machine. 
  • You don’t have to worry about controlling the blades as it is an adaptive tool system. 

Some Cons To Consider

  • The design software you receive with this is free to use for your drawings. You will have to pay 10 USD monthly to get access to Cricut’s design. 
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is it will only work with a tablet or computer, and the device has to be plugged in. 
  • The maximum supported cutting area of this machine is 12 x 24 inches. Some users may find it a little restricted as compared to its alternatives.
  • The buyer will not get a pre-packaged knife blade with this machine. 

Our Final Opinion

After going through the features and pros of the Cricut Maker vinyl cutter, we can say that the machine is quite impressive. Those searching for an entry-level vinyl cutter with impressive features can trust this machine. Whether a beginner or a professional, this machine will be very helpful. You will get all the required accessories to cut the vinyl in different shapes with this machine. 

#2 USCutter Vinyl Cutter Mh 34

Do you want to begin a new business using an affordable yet powerful vinyl cutter? Well, don’t worry, as the USCutter MH series model can be a perfect option for you. It is the most affordable machine one can use for their commercial vinyl cutting store. The MH series includes various sizes; however, the 34-inch model is quite popular. Using this, cutting a larger piece of vinyl will take only a few minutes. It is worth its value. Both small businesses and large-scale businesses can use this machine. 

USCutter Vinyl Cutter MH 34: Features

The best thing about this amazing machine is that you will get useful accessories, like a knife, transfer tape, magnetic blanks, vinyl rolls, and more when you buy this vinyl cutter. The manufacturer offers lifetime free customer service, and you can access those services through phone or chat. It is also great for working on t-shirts as it has a generous cutting width; it can be an ideal option for larger images and logos. 

The product might seem outdated at first. But you don’t have to worry about anything as it has the advanced Vinyl Master Cut software using which you can create multiple designs, such as logos, pinstriping, and lettering. Besides, the software interface is very easy to use. The blades are quite durable, sharp, and strong.

However, the machine doesn’t have a basket of materials. Remember that a materials basket plays a great role in the machine as it can eliminate the static on the vinyl products.

Pros To Consider

  • The machine supports some innovative spooling capabilities. They are functional very impressive. At this price, no other vinyl cutter will offer you such features.
  • Even though the machine is quite advanced, you can still use standard cutting blades. 
  • You will get three blades and adjustable pinch-rollers. The speed, as well as pressure, can be adjusted based on the material you are using.
  • The machine supports a pen adapter, and you can also use this machine for drawing instead of cutting.
  • It supports a superior ball-bearing dual roller system to feed the vinyl smoothly. 
  • The users will get free vectorizing and cutting software. 

Cons To Consider

  • The design software you will get with this machine is not free. 
  • The machine comes with a 90-day limited warranty period that may dissatisfy some users.
  • At this price range, the unavailability of wireless connectivity is not a good thing. 
  • The manufacturer should include a materials basket.
  • Even though the machine supports USB connectivity, it is not compatible with Apple’s computers. 
  • It has been seen that the machine doesn’t function properly in a high-static electricity environment. 

Our Final Opinion

As per this review, this product’s overall quality is good and can easily carry out different types of work. Like other machines, it has some drawbacks too, but you shouldn’t forget the machine’s advantages. So, if you are low on budget and want to buy the best vinyl cutter, then go for it. 

#3 Silhouette Cameo 4 Vinyl Cutter

This machine is a perfect example of the best value vinyl cutter. There are a lot of manufacturers who produce vinyl cutters with various attractive features. However, Silhouette America has created a revolution by introducing its all-knew Cameo 4. I don’t think this is just a revamped edition of the Cameo 3. This new machine has established a new record in vinyl cutting. You have to create products from different materials to keep up with the trends and versatility. The upgraded version of this cutting machine can easily use more than 100 materials. 

Cameo 4: Features

As per the official site, the manufacturer has upgraded the speed of this vinyl cutting machine. If you compare it to the Cameo 3 model, the Cameo 4 model is 3x faster. On the other hand, the manufacturer has made it a little quieter. The dual carriage in the machine is another impressive feature.

Experts always advise buying a machine with an automated blade and a dual carriage setting, as using this, the users can easily carry out the tracing and cutting process. Another best thing about the machine is after getting the machine, you can get connected with the huge community of cutters and crafters who are using the Cameo 4. 

You will get proprietary design software with this machine, and you can enjoy the advantage of the latest Bluetooth technology. The machine has all the required features and capabilities to take your vinyl cutting experience to new heights. Besides, it supports different materials, including paper, fabric, and more. 

Pros Of Cameo 4

  • The machine supports a tool detection feature that helps the machine know which blade is being used.
  • It can easily cut leather and fabric without any wrinkling issues. 
  • The Cameo 4 has Bluetooth functionality, and you can use this for both Mac and Windows devices.
  • You will have different accessories with this, for example, a power cord, USB cable, dust cover, and more. 
  • It has an easy-to-use touch LED very sensitive touchscreen. 

Cons Of The Cameo 4

  • If you carefully look at the design of the machine, you will find that the unloading, and loading arrows, have been reversed.
  • You will have to upgrade your license to a premium license from the standard license to export designs. 
  • Some users have reported that the cutting force of this model is a little low, i.e., around 221 grams/second. 

Our Final Opinion

The Cameo 4 from the maker Silhouette is a complete machine. This is not just another facelift. It comes equipped with amazing features and tools, enabling the crafters to make unique designs for their customers. Get this machine now and show your creativity. 

#4 Cricut Explore Air 2 Vinyl Cutter

If you are a keen crafter who has worked with vinyl stickers and now wants to explore more, you should look no further than the Cricut Explore vinyl cutting machine. This latest vinyl cutting machine model by the Cricut has a speed 2x more than the Explore Air. You can easily craft unique and attractive home decals, greeting cards, customized t-shirts, and more with this machine. Not just your design, but you can choose from different designs and DIY projects available on the official library of Cricut. The machine is also available in different colors. 

Cricut Explore Air 2: Features

The machine supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and you can send a vinyl cutting project to the machine from your smartphone. On the other hand, the Smart Set dial of the product has made it easier to control the machine’s settings. You can easily cut 100+ materials using this machine, including fabric, leather, paper, etc. 

The machine supports a maximum cutting size of 12 x 24 inches, ideal for crafters. The machine works super fast when used on the fast mode. It can help create a simple cut within seconds.

If you always give attention to detail, the Explore Air 2 will never disappoint you. The machine has a lot of customization and the flexibility to ensure every detail has been covered.

Thanks to the manufacturer’s own Design Space software program, you can now create stunning designs for your customers. As it is a cloud-based program, you will never lose your designs. The repository has hundreds of pre-made vinyl cutting designs. 

You can also create amazing handwritten projects as the blade can be replaced with a pen. On the other hand, it allows you to use more than 350 different fonts. When you have this machine, you can create different custom designs when you have this machine within a few minutes. The machine produces around 400g of force and can easily cut through any materials without any issue. 

Some Pros To Consider

  • The machine supports wireless Bluetooth technology. 
  • You will also get a pen holder, a blade holder, USB, power cables, and more when you make the order.
  • As the blade holders of this machine are Roland compatible, you can quickly replace and change the blades. 
  • On the other hand, it supports multi-color workflows. That means you don’t have to swap the rolls now. 
  • The machine is very easy to use, and the processes are quite simple to learn. 

Some Cons To Consider

  • You will need an internet connection to use the design software as it doesn’t function offline. 
  • This machine is not designed to cut a few types of vinyl. So, don’t use this material as it can damage the blade. 
  • Some users have found this machine a little noisy. 

Our Final Opinion

If you are looking for a vinyl cutter that can be used for different crafts and comes at affordable prices, then Cricut Explore Air 2 is the product you should use. Forget about the demerits as it has more benefits to offer. So, don’t think much and get it now to make more money through your vinyl cutting store. 

#5 Silhouette America Portrait 3 Vinyl Cutting Machine

One of the most frequently asked questions that you will find on the internet is What is the ideal vinyl cutting machine for home use? If you have the same question, it is time to give Silhouette America Portrait 3 a try. The right way to describe the Portrait 3 is by saying it is a lightweight, effective and small vinyl cutting machine for the new learners who want to make crafting their hobby. 

Even though it has some great features, you will find this affordable. It is a plug-and-play vinyl cutting machine. Just connect it to the PC, install the software, and that’s it; you are all set for vinyl cutting. The machine is quite versatile. It allows you to cut different materials like vellum, magnetic paper, adhesive, card stock, paper, heat transfer materials, fabric, and transparencies. 

Portrait 3: Features

Unlike the previous vinyl cutters from the brand, this machine is Bluetooth and Pixscan compatible. On the other hand, you will enjoy the automatic blade functionality with this small machine. As a result, now you can easily streamline different processes. It has four blade options: Fabric blade, Deep Cut Blade, Standard Blade, and AutoBlade. 

It can work with Mac and Windows OS. With pre-made designs, you can create stunning projects. The cutting and printing speed is quite good.

The cutting force is around 200g and is quite decent to cut various materials. In fact, in most vinyl cutting cases, 100 g of pressure will work great. But the Portrait 3 comes with just one holster, allowing you to do one task at a time. 

Some Pros To Consider

  • You will find this machine highly compact and portable. It will take very less space in your room. 
  • The device supports a print as well as a cut feature.
  • The machine will automatically set the blade to offer accurate and fine cuts based on the material you want to choose.
  • The users will get around 50 exclusive designs for their vinyl cutting projects.
  • As this supports PixScan, you can now create a design using pictures. 

Cons To Consider

  • The vinyl cutting surface is small, i.e., 8 x11 inches.
  • Compared to other manufacturers, the accessories offered by Silhouette with this machine are less.
  • There are some limitations in the normal version of the design software. You will have to go for its premium version to enjoy its full features, costing you around USD 50 to 100. 

Our Final Opinion

You may find the Cameo and the Portrait 3 very similar. But they may vary in terms of size. For example, Cameo is bigger than Portrait 3. If your budget is low and you are looking for a larger machine, then the Cameo model will be a perfect option for you. However, if you are looking for something portable and lightweight, nothing can beat the Portrait 3. 

#6 Xyron Creative Station Vinyl Cutter

While all the vinyl cutters listed here use electricity to run, the Xyron creative station doesn’t need that. This solid vinyl cutting machine is priced at an affordable rate and looks quite compact. This machine comes with a decent design and utilizes higher pressure compared to other vinyl cutting machines under this price range. 

Xyron Creative Station: Features

This cutter is much more compact than other machines as it doesn’t have any electronic external or internal components. Even though the size is small, it can carry out different tasks. You can use this for sticker production, magnet creation, and vinyl cutting.

Now you might be wondering, who does this machine work when there are no batteries or electricity? It has unique technology and uses a dropped-in cartridge to perform the task. The tools can be removed and replaced easily. On the other hand, it has a 25-foot x 9 inches high-quality adhesive cartridge. Speaking about the available options, these are: 

  • Dual-sided lamination
  • Laminate or adhesive combination
  • Magnet combination 
  • Repositionable and permanent adhesives. 

Pros To Consider

  • Using this machine, you can use non-toxic and acid-free adhesive to enjoy professional and sleek results.
  • The machine has two different cartridge sizes, i.e., 9″ and 5″, so that you can handle both small and big projects.
  • It is designed to facilitate endless creativity. The product is perfect for crafts and arts. Using this single machine, you can make labels, stickers, hand-made cards, flashcards, etc. 
  • It is easier to use and simpler vinyl cutting machine available in the market.
  • As there will be no battery or electricity, you don’t have to worry about power draw issues and the placement of the machine.

Some Cons To Consider

  • This machine requires the user to be present constantly as you need to turn the crank during the work. If not done properly, you will end up with excess residue.

Our Final Opinion

Just give it a try, and you will be surprised after witnessing this machine’s performance. You can easily place the machine anywhere you want thanks to its small size. Besides, you don’t have to worry about repairing it as it doesn’t have any electrical components. Well, even though it is not a standard vinyl cutter, this is something you should keep in your vinyl cutting shop. Get it online at the best price. 

#7 Brother Cm 350 Vinyl Cutter

Brother is quite new in the vinyl cutter machine industry. However, they have made a splash by introducing the CM 350 model with a huge advantage over the competitors. If you think you are good at sketching and looking for something that can easily translate your hand-made designs into perfect cuts, you should go for Brother CM 350 vinyl cutter. The product has been a major hit with the vinyl cutting community as it can cleanly cut various fabric shapes. 

If you are sewing enthusiasts or quilters, you might be quite familiar with the products created by Brother. A huge plus is the ability to perfectly scan and cut the shape out of vinyl and other compatible materials without using the manufacturer’s proprietary software. You can use this machine as a quality vinyl decal maker or a sticker cutter. It comes with various adjustment options along with different accessories. 

Brothers CM 350: Features

The machine comes with a 300 DPI scanner which can help you convert the scanned images into unique and attractive patterns or designs. On the other hand, it has a 4.8h-inch LCD touch panel. Now it is easier to select the functions. However, before you can start scanning, we advise you to practice properly and get used to the machine’s features. There are more than 700 pre-built designs that you will get with this machine.

You can also upload your own or downloaded patterns through the USB port to the machine. You can’t just ignore its automatic material sensor feature. This feature, coupled with the auto blade holders and auto blade, can easily adjust to the desired thickness. 

The machine also works great when cutting some thicker materials, for example, felt, foam, cardstock, and more. But just like other standard vinyl cutters, this machine also has an upper limit in terms of thickness, which is 3 millimeters.

Pros To Consider

  • This single machine combines three different functionalities, i.e., cutter, printer, and scanner.
  • It can comfortably cut a wide material up to 24 inches long and 12 inches wide.
  • It has a blade that can cut to a depth of 1.5 mm.
  • While the machine works great with keen quilters, this can also cut fabric. 
  • It supports a direct cut feature. Without using a tablet and computer, you can directly cut the design through the machine.
  • The machine supports more than 7 different types of fonts. 
  • Unlike Cricut and other listed models, the design software program you will get with the CM 350 doesn’t require the users to buy subscriptions. So, there is no need to worry about any recurring costs. 

Cons To Consider

  • The manual with the machine is not detailed. 
  • As the size is big, it will take a lot of space in your room. 
  • It is costly due to its features.
  • It is a little noisy. 

Our Final Opinion

Well, this machine will never fail to impress you. The software has some issues and is getting outdated; the machine still works fine, offering the desired results. The features and ease of use are something that makes it very popular. But if you are looking for an affordable option, this machine is not ideal for you. 

#8 Brother DC200 Designncut Vinyl Cutter

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to the CM350, opting for DC 200, DesignNCut, will be a good idea. The machine supports dual functionalities, i.e., scanning and cutting. But the product is designed for vinyl or other materials cutting. 

DC 200 DesignNCut: Features

The machine works connected with a free-to-use cloud-based software through which you can get access to unlimited free clip arts, logos, projects, and borders to create the vinyl cut. As this supports Wireless Network technology, you can cut on the go. Just edit the design on your mobile and send that to the machine for printing.

It offers faster-cutting speed and accuracy. While the pressure is around 260 grams, the speed is 112 mm per second. It can easily cut simple to complex or intricate designs from different materials. 

Pros To Consider

  • You can use paper, craft foam, vinyl, and fabric for cutting with this machine.
  • The proprietaryScanNCutCanvas design software is easy to use. There will be no annual fee. 
  • Usage and alignment are straightforward. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use this machine.
  • You can print the design on a workpiece. 

Cons To Consider

  • Well, the vinyl cutting machine comes with fewer accessories. You have to spend money to buy some useful tools from Brother. 

Our Final Opinion

There is no doubt that the machine is quite popular for its multi-functionalities and rich user experience. For those who are looking for a powerful, feature-loaded yet mid-range machine, this can be a good option for them.

Some Useful Tips To Buy The Best Vinyl Cutting Machine

We have created an easy guide to help you make an informed decision about buying a perfect vinyl cutter for your project. Have a look at the suggestions or tips mentioned here and get ready to bring the right one. Always remember that no matter what brand you choose, the machine should be durable and should be able to offer you the best results. 

Consider Your Purpose

Remember that a home vinyl cutter will differ from a commercial vinyl cutter. You can go for a home vinyl cutter if you look for a machine to print paper crafts, decals for mugs, graphics charts, and greeting cards. Such machines are affordable and take less space. But if you want to print complicated patterns or designs on vinyl and other materials, opting for a commercial vinyl printer can be good. These machines come equipped with many features and offer faster and better results. But they will take more space. 

Consider The Printing Options

Not all vinyl cutting machines have the printing option. If the plotter has two different cartridges, one of which can be replaced for printing, then it will be better to utilize them for cutting to save time and money. On the other hand, if the decal maker has just one cartridge, you will have to use that cartridge for printing and cutting. And this will take more time. So, we will suggest you buy a machine that has two cartridges. An average quality machine would offer a maximum quality of around 100 dots/inch. But when you use the best machines, those are listed above, you will enjoy 600 dots/inch. 

What About The Cutting Depths?

Different vinyl cutting machines will support different cutting depths. As per the manufacturers, the depth will depend on the pressure used on the blade and the blade type. As per the experts, the maximum cutting depth that most machines support is 2 millimeters. Go for a machine that supports a higher cutting depth to enjoy a smooth vinyl cutting experience. 

Compatibility Of The Machine

The vinyl cutter should be checked properly for compatibility before buying. Some come with their proprietary software, and some depend on third-party software programs. You need to get one that can work with Mac or Windows computers. Besides, the machine should offer you access to its library to use the pre-built designs. On the other hand, before buying, properly check the voltage rating and make sure that it matches your home power line. 

The Motor Of The Machine

A digital servo motor will offer better accuracy with the cutting head with more accurate actions on different materials. Besides, it will also work silently. If the machine has a stepper motor, it will produce noise while cutting, and such motors are less accurate. So, always buy a machine with a servo motor.

Don’t Forget The Cost

Always check the cost of the machine before buying it. The machines will vary in cost. And the model with a higher price tag will offer more features than a machine with a lower price tag. 

You have gone through this comprehensive buyer’s guide and checked all the products properly before deciding.